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La Reserve de la Mala

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& Privatization


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The Mala Reserve organizes all seasons various events
on its beautiful beach and many services are also at your
disposition. Enjoy a modern and tasty cuisine, enjoy a
upscale aesthetic corner and enjoy water activities.

Routes: Boat-service & mini van
Services: Nautical activities, massage, shop, DJ …

The Mala Reserve is divided into 4 distinct spaces:
Pontoon: 110 people seated
Restaurant: 140 people
Champagne bar: 70 people
Shop & wellness

plage la reserve de la mala

La Reserve de la Mala is a dream spot for organizing private or corporate events in one of the few oases of the Riviera still preserved from mass tourism.

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Festive Aperitifs

Every weekend from 18h, come and enjoy the sweetness of the evenings of the French Riviera. The cocktail and music program with a breathtaking panorama.[/reda_cta]

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Lunches & dinners

Our restaurant welcomes you for lunch and dinner to help you discover the Mediterranean cuisine of the French Riviera.[/reda_cta]

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Are you looking for a place for a corporate event or just to organize a meeting or a business meeting?
La Reserve de la Mala offers you the solution[/reda_cta]

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Beach Party

Come enjoy our Beach Party Day. In the cocktail and music program under the sparkling sun of the Riviera.[/reda_cta]

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La Reserve de la Mala is a splendid place, ideal to organize a wedding and to delight your guests by offering them a frame and a kitchen of high quality.[/reda_cta]

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Monaco Grand Prix

La Réserve de la Mala invites you to enjoy our facilities during the Monaco Grand Prix 2019. The program Childay with our DJ.[/reda_cta]